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Monday, March 24, 2008

Praise for ApplyOnLine, Macedonian e-Government Application

The electronic application for employment in the Macedonian state administration ApplyOnLine has been selected as Editor’s Choice of portal. This is the 38th application that received this prestigious award, out of the 810 that were submitted. This is the first award for an e-Government case study from a country which is not an EU member-state.

"In cooperation with USAID’s eGov project and the software company NextSense, we managed to implement an electronic system which is free and intended for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, offering a simpler and more efficient manner of employment in the civil services," stated Aleksandar Ugrinoski, State Advisor on information technologies in the Civil Servants Agency.

In May and June 2007, Metamorphosis Foundation conducted a survey of candidates for civil servant jobs who used the application, confirming its high value.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Creative Commons: 11 Shakespeare e-books in Macedonian Published

Creative Commons Content Portal for Macedonia published Macedonian translations of eleven Shakespeare plays as downloadable e-books, made available by the renowned storyteller and translator Dragi Mihajlovski.

The e-books have been published in weekly batches of two to three PDF-files between the 8th of February and the 20th of March 20, 2008. The following plays have been published under the Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Macedonia license:

The portal is managed by Metamorphosis Foundation, and it continues to provide space for e-publishing of works by contemporary Macedonian authors, as well as possibility for all who use the Creative Commons licenses elsewhere on the internet to add links to their content published elsewhere on the internet.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Official promotion of Macedonian version of Creative Commons licenses

ccMacedonia will join worldwide movement for free culture with promotion of the localized Macedonian version of the Creative Commons licenses.

Official launching ceremony of Macedonian version of the licenses will be organized in Holliday Inn Hotel in Skopje on June 19, 2007. Special guest at the event is Mr. Joichi Ito chairman of the board of Creative Commons and the chairman of Six Apart Japan. He is on the board of ICANN, the Mozilla Foundation, Technorati, and iCommons.